​Hollywood Music offers music lessons both at their National City and Eastlake, Chula Vista locations.  
Dance classes are available in National City location only.

You can enroll anytime in any of our "let's Play" and "Let's Dance" program and start as early as today! We have been in the business since 1994 and what we learned and experienced throughout those years contribute and help us build the foundations of Hollywood Music. We are continually evolving, innovating and adding more exciting programs.  
National City 
Year Round Music and Dance School
619-474-0122  619-336-0833
1475-1477 E. Plaza Blvd. National City, Ca 91950
Email:  Enroll@ehollywoodmusic.com

Eastlake, Chula Vista 
Year Round Music School. 
881 Kuhn Drive #104 Chula Vista 91914 
Email: Enroll@ehollywoodmusic.com

Music Instruments & Karaoke Store 
email: elsahollywoodmusic@yahoo.com

Monthly Fee: (Based on Four weeks) 

Program 1 $125.00   
  • 8 sessions, Twice a week; Half an hour private and one group class

Program 2 $100.00 
  • 8 sessions, one hour lesson in a small group setting and one hour group class

Registration fee: 25.00, one time only!

National City 619-474-0122
Eastlake 619-397-3430​

Email: Enroll@ehollywoodmusic.com