Our Music Programs
Monthly Fees:
Private, once a week, half an hour. 100.00 for four sessions.
Small Group, once a week, one hour 75.00-80.00 for four sessions.
Registration fee: 25.00, one time only!
Email: Enroll@ehollywoodmusic.com
please mention, Eastlake or National City location

We have an exciting and comprehensive piano course designed for young beginners. Five years old is the youngest we take for this program. However, we have students as young as 3.5 to 4 years old taking piano lessons and are doing quite well in the program.  If you feel your child is ready, please contact us so we can schedule a free try out.
We accept all ages, teens to adults and all levels from beginning, Intermediate to Advanced.

There's a new wave of interest to learn this instrument and we are responding to your requests.  For children age five and above.  Our students find that uke playing is so conducive to singing along. It's a fun instrument to play, very rhythmic in nature and so easy to sing along with.  
We use an innovative method which is a practical approach to playing the drumset. Students start their first lesson by actually playing a beat!  Our students play hard on real 5-piece drumset and not on practice drum pads which adds to the whole experience.

Our guitar program welcomes electric, bass, or acoustic, any genre, any style, any level.  Regardless of what style your child prefers, we are sure we have the right instructor.  A guitar of your own is required to take this class.  You may purchase your guitar from us--we can help you pick the right size, and we have special pricing for our students.  We accept students five years old and above.  For young beginners, a junior-sized guitar is available. Students meet once a week for one hour
Our Violin Program accepts students as young as age five and above.  We have a straightforward string method designed to promote success in beginning string players.
Lessons are half an hour long and we accept all levels.  Group Violin Class is once a week, for one hour. 
Each lesson begins with vocalises, where the students "warm up" and prepare their voice for the lessons. The instructor also uses vocalises to teach technique to students individually.Students learn vocal techniques and have plenty of performance opportunities. Voice students are also taught fundamental music theory so that they have a solid musical foundation. The reportoire studied in our Voice Program ranges from mainstream/popular music to broadway to classical to jazz, allowing students in the program to develop and progress in their style and preference.

Our Musical Theatre program is designed to enhance and refine performance technique through acting, musicianship and dance.  This class will provide young students the opportunity to explore acting exercises, simple movement for musical theater, and an introduction to singing.  
Recent studies suggest that playing and listening to music at a young age improves learning and actually makes kids smarter!  This course is designed for children ages three to five years old.
They will be introduced to musical concepts with a specially-designed workbook and well-planned activities to develop ear training skills as well as other basic fundamentals of music.
This course allows the student to experience music though singing, movement and response to rhythm patterns.  This class is 55 minutes long.
One of our most exciting programs ever! The students play and practice with their own band. This is every musician's dream, open to 6 years old to 16 years old.  Apply if you play the keys, guitar, bass, drums or vocals. Beginners to Advanced players. Are you ready?