1. We have been in this business since 1994. With two decades in the teaching business, we've already developed a system that works. We have standardized our curriculum so the parents know exactly what to expect when they enroll their kids with us.

2. A full-time Administrative Assistant takes care of parents' inquiries during class and handles all matters relating to the studio so the teachers can dedicate all their time to teaching.

3. All of our studios are in prime locations. Our studios in National City are located in the best areas of National City and the third is located in the prestigious Eastlake community.

4. We believe in giving opportunities for our students to perform. Twice-a-year recitals and two full-production concerts featuring our voice and dance students.

5. Here at Hollywood Music, we raise musicians. We don't just teach our students how to play, dance, or sing. We ensure that your children learn all the fundamentals of music, dance, and the arts so that they will have a solid foundation for their newly- developed passion, and perhaps, their career!

6. We can go on and on but what really matters is that the kids have fun while learning. We have a very friendly staff and we care deeply about our students. Our studios have a very friendly, family-like atmosphere.
Why Choose Us?